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Right. So I’m a thirty-year publishing veteran who’s worked as an editor of both commercial fiction (at Harlequin Books, where I received a ‘Best Editor’ award from Romance Writers of America) and literary fiction (at McGraw-Hill Ryerson, where I acquired and edited cutting-edge fiction by such luminaries as Patrick DeWitt and Alexi Zentner). As a freelance editor, I’ve evaluated and edited manuscripts across all genres for publishing companies, book packagers, and aspiring and published writers. (For information on periodic editing sales, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at I’m also the published author of two Harlequin novels and two Penguin young adult novels (now out of print). The latter were optioned for film and television by Fresh Entertainment, producers of the hit tween cartoons 6teen, Total Drama Island, and Stoked (on which I was a staff writer). I’ve taught romance writing at George Brown College and children’s writing at Centennial College, and have led dozens of writing workshops all across Canada and the US.

A BKR critique/developmental edit/substantive edit gives you a detailed evaluation of your manuscript, focusing on substantive elements such as plot, structure, character, conflict, voice and theme. No worries, I also suggest methods of fixing said problems. A multi-page report is sent via e-mail within two to four weeks of manuscript receipt. The following charges apply (Canadians, please add 13% HST; Americans, please pay in US funds):

Partial manuscripts (three chapters) or short stories: $200.00
Novellas up to 30,000 words: $250.00
Complete manuscripts up to 70,000 words: $300.00
Complete manuscripts between 70,000 words and 100,000 words: $400.00
Complete manuscripts between 100,000 words and 120,000 words: $500.00
Evaluation of revised material at half the original fee (there is no time limit on this offer)

You can include a query letter and/or a synopsis (under five pages) and/or cover copy with your submission at no extra charge. Yes, I’m that nice. E-mail the whole kit and kaboodle to and send your payment via PayPal, citing that same e-mail address. I’ll have to confirm payment before reading. (No offense.) At that point, I’ll send you an invoice marked ‘Paid in full’. Your manuscript must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx files only, please) as an attachment, and your query letter and/or synopsis and/or cover blurbs have to be sent at the same time as your manuscript, or I will become very, very confused. And for God’s sake, please double space your manuscripts and number your pages.

Please note that I do not offer sample edits, due to the level of my experience, my low fees, my busy schedule, and the fact that sample edits lend themselves more to line/copy edits than substantive edits.

In addition to adult fiction, I edit middle grade and young adult fiction. For picture books, early chapter books, and children’s non-fiction, I highly recommend .

When you are ready for a copy edit, I highly recommend Amanda Sumner, whose service you can read about at (but writers, please don’t make the mistake of thinking you just need a ‘cleanup’ without doing the important big-picture work beforehand).

“So grateful for your expert editorial skills, encouragement, and quick turnaround. Highly recommend!”
-Lindy DeKoven, former NBC VP and author of Primetime Princess (Amazon, women’s fiction)

“Bev, you have an uncanny knack for seeing exactly what a manuscript needs!”
-Kimberley Griffiths Little, author of Secret Rites of the Goddess (Scholastic, young adult)

“Bev, the manuscripts you edited for me just sold! A big thanks to you for all your fantastic suggestions!”
-Sarah Castille, New York Times/USA Today bestselling author of In Your Corner (Sourcebooks, romance)