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Below is a short list of topics I can speak on pertaining to Who is Tanksy? and drawing on my unique experience on both sides of the desk in the publishing world, and another list of associated activities I can do with kids. At your school or event or festival, you can have me talk or do an activity or both. Go crazy—mix and match and customize! Rest assured I can adapt every topic and activity to different age groups and time allotments!

Possible topics to speak on:

  • – Working in the publishing industry (the different jobs, etc.)
  • – A book’s journey – from idea to publication and beyond
  • – Any writing craft topic, e.g. plot, characterization, etc., and/or writing humour
  • – Graffiti as an art form (don’t worry—I’ll make sure your kids know the difference between the legal and illegal kinds, and also the difference between tagging and artful graffiti a la Banksy!), and anonymity in art
  • – Writing about real events (unique challenges, can you use humour, etc.)
  • – Civil discourse in politics and life in general (Roots of Empathy type stuff)
  • – Anti-Semitism and other forms of racism (see Roots of Empathy)
  • – Or I can incorporate all of the above in a talk about how I came to write Tanksy

Possible interactive activities:

  • – Having kids come up with graffiti images and talking about why these images
  • – Creating a group graffiti mural on kraft paper
  • – Having kids come up with book ideas, pitches, short book outlines & 1st pages
  • – Having kids come up with the above based on graffiti images I show them
  • – Having kids come up with the above based on events meaningful to them

I look forward to working with you!

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