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I would love to do an entertaining talk with your students on my life in publishing and/or what inspired me to write Who is Tanksy? I can discuss any or all of the following:

-What it's like to work as a fiction editor
-The various jobs in publishing
-When and why I started to write my own fiction
-How increasing incidents of racism and anti-Semitism and the decline in civil discourse in 2016 as well as my love for street/protest art got me writing Who is Tanksy?

And if you wish, at the end of my talk, I could instruct students on how to come up with book ideas of their own based on events or art/artists that inspire them, and how to craft pitches and begin outlining their stories.

I charge $250 + HST per session, with discounts for multiple sessions. Currently, I am restricting my in-person visits to Toronto and the GTA. I am happy to Skype with out-of-town groups.

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