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bev katz rosenbaum's school visits

I am available to do school visits live or via Skype! Possible hour-long talks and workshops that can be adapted to various age groups:

  1. From idea to publishing. A fun guided tour through the writing and publishing journey. I'm able to talk about the process with added authority, due to my experience as a professional editor.
  2. Let's Make a Book! I'll give kids the basics of book writing, and by the end of the hour, they'll have their elevator pitches and some writing done!

I'm a former TV writer and college-level writing instructor, so my talks are very entertaining! As a bonus, I incorporate an inspirational, you-can-do-anything message into my talks, in the spirit of Who is Tanksy?, my upcoming Orca Currents book! And BTW, Canadian teachers, Who is Tanksy?, about a school election and written after the U.S. election, will be released around the next Canadian federal election. Handy for discussing both inspiration and elections! But I also spend a significant portion of time talking about how rejection is part of the business, even when you're multi-published, and how the failure of a project does not mean you are a failure! In fact, one must fail on the road to success! Contact me re: fees and other info.