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Bev Katz Rosenbaum's about those older books...

In 1991, Harlequin published What Friends Are For, and in 2004, Wanted: An Interesting Life. (Between publishing those two books, I raised my kids, published a writers' zine, and began to build up my freelance editing business.) In 2006, Berkley/Penguin published my first young adult novel, I Was a Teenage Popsicle, and in 2007, its sequel, Beyond Cool. Then I started freaking out because I thought I had to publish a book a year and wrote a bunch of crap, none of which sold. Then I took a loooong break from writing to 1) further build my editing business, 2) figure out what I really wanted to write, and 3) refill the creative well.

All the above novels are out of print now. I recently took a look at the YA novels (which are more MG, methinks) and did massive rewrites on them. OMG, they're so much better as tight little adventure stories! I hope to do something with them in the future. Republish? Self-publish? Offer them as freebies on my website or to newsletter subscribers? Who knows?! In the meantime, DO NOT buy the used copies for sale on Amazon, LOL! They're so much better now that I've performed surgery on them!

The romances are OP too, but I'm much happier in the kid lit realm so I won't be reviving those! (Trust me, you don't want a used Amazon copy of Wanted: An Interesting Life, either! And What Friends Are For was published pre-internet, so it's like it never existed-which is a good thing!)